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10 Best Podcasts About Arts and Culture in Africa

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485 million, that’s the number of audiences that actively consume podcast content. And this market is expected to almost double by the year 2025. The same popular medium can be used to learn about the art and culture in Africa. All you have to do is tune into.

African Podcasts You Can’t Miss Out On!

1. Goodnight Azania

Goodnight Azania is a podcast about South African society and its culture. The host, Mzamo Simone, invites such guests to the shows that have impacted South African society through their work. 

2. Those Who Came Before Us

Packed with clichés and stereotypes, Africa has a twisted and badly misunderstood history more than any other continent in the world.

David Ibanda, a devoted student of African History, is on a mission to debunk the stereotypes and shed light on the dark history of Africa. 

The podcast, ranked among the top 10%, will change your perspective of Africa by introducing diverse stories about Africa’s people, religion, and culture.

3. Africa Past and Present

In this podcast, two Michigan State University historians dissect Africa’s history, culture, and politics. Peter Alegi and Peter Limb interview the prominent scholars to get their comments on the current events and debate about Africa’s cultural issues. 

4. My African Clichés 

Inspired by a bird, ‘Sanfoka,’ the podcast takes you on a short ride to enjoy the glorious history of the African continent. The podcast is designed to educate the masses about the untold history of Africa. That too in less than 8 minutes per episode. The podcast will develop your understanding of African history so that you can better understand present-day Africa. 

5. Afropop Worldwide

Since 1988, Afropop Worldwide has introduced millions to the music culture of Africa. Georges Collinet explores the history of Africa and the history of its music, art, and culture.  This Award-winning weekly program brings you the relevant stories from Africa. 

6. Not Another Book Podcast

Not Another Book Podcast is your way to stay connected with the trends in African literature. 

The three established critics discuss African literature in a lively manner. They are known for their brutally honest and witty take on the African literary culture.

7. Space Squid

In about 20 minutes or less, the energetic hosts cover the popular African digital art ranging from comic books and animations to video games. The podcast is like an audible version of the famous African magazine called Squid Mag. 

8. In Studio

Sharon Obuobi, the host of the In-Studio podcast, is an expert in art gallery management. In her weekly episodes, she covers the fascinating stories of art makers, curators, and influencers. 

Every episode, every interview is meant to broaden African art’s scope and see it from a new perspective. 

9. Talking Heads

Talking Heads is an excellent podcast to understand African art and culture. The interviews and discussions revolve around various subjects relevant to Africa, such as education, art, cinema, culture, and more. 

10. Sound Africa

It’s arguably one of the best podcasts to truly understand the African culture. Sound Africa is the sound of such individuals whose stories never got a chance in the mainstream media. These voices, the stories they’ve to tell, capture Africa’s true essence and show the multiple sides of its societies. 

Your Next Favorite Podcast | Which one is it going to be? 

Art and culture is a broad term that includes many things. The list of podcasts covers everything. Which one are you going to listen to next? 

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