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10 Must Try Africa Foods

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Home to over 1.4 billion individuals belonging to hundreds of different ethnic groups and having varying cultural values, Africa is a diverse landscape. The continent is vibrant, colorful, and teeming with life.

Nowhere is this diversity and richness more pronounced than in African cuisine. African dishes are at the very heart of the region. Each area of the continent has its unique cuisine with its distinct flavors and aromas.

Trying African cuisines is the best way to explore the region. African dishes not only have the honor of representing national flavors and histories but also incorporating the specific colonial influences that they endured.

Exploring Africa through your taste buds

Food is a basic part of the culture. The food is prepared and the ingredients used to prepare it to provide great insight into a people’s history and current way of life. Here are ten popular dishes from different parts of Africa:

1. Jollof Rice

Spiced and savory, Jollof Rice is the ultimate comfort food. A West African dish, involves cooking the rice in a tomato sauce. Served with chicken or fish, it is readily available in Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana.

2. Couscous Royale

Turning to North Africa, or Tunisia in particular, Couscous Royale is a real delicacy. The dish comprises steam semolina served with spicy chicken. Adding lamb and saffron makes the dish even more decadent.

3. Chicken Kebabs

Egypt is known for its chicken kebabs. Seasoned with cardamom, black pepper, and a whole host of local spices, these kebabs are hard to resist.

4. Injera from Ethiopia

A meal staple in Ethiopia, Sudan, and Eritrea, this flatbread is made from teff flour. Served with stews, it is a basic part of Ethiopian cuisine.

5. Alloco

Western Africa, especially Ivory Coast is known for its plantains. Alloco is a savory dish made from fried plantains that are accompanied by chili peppers, onions, eggs, and tomato sauce.

6. Koki

Looking for an appetizer? Koki is a bean cake found in Central Africa. The beans are mashed and steamed while wrapped in banana leaves. The result is a mouth-watering snack that goes well with chilies and fish.

7. Egusi Soup

No trip to Africa would be complete without trying the Egusi soup native to Eastern Nigeria. Made from melon seeds and leafy vegetables, the soup is generously seasoned. It usually includes other vegetables as well as meats for a hearty meal.

8. Fufu

Egusi is usually accompanied by Fufu which is a doughy bun. It can be made from boiled yams or plantains that have been mashed and made into balls.

9. Mandasi Donuts

Mandasi Donuts are readily available sweet snacks. These are made from flour, egg, sugar, and milk, and are deep-fried. Perfectly paired with tea or even soft drinks for a quick and tasty snack.

10. Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow is South Africa’s beloved street food. It consists of a hollowed-out portion of a loaf that is filled with a spicy curry sauce. The curry may contain vegetable or meat pieces for additional flavors.

The Future is African

Currently, Africa represents a region that is developing at an exponential rate. With an increasing population and economic growth to boot, Africa is set to become a powerhouse on the world stage. Becoming a major player on the global front means African culture is garnering increased interest. Getting a taste of African cuisine is no longer a matter of visiting an African country. African food is becoming more and more accessible around the world and this trend is only expected to increase.

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