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Successful entrepreneurs have mastered the art of learning and exchanging ideas with other entrepreneurs who could either be at the same level as them or who could be more successful in their businesses. This process enables them to adopt the best business practices and expand their businesses.

Business networking creates a channel for entrepreneurs to establish mutually beneficial connections, potential business partnerships, and investment opportunities. It gives businesses a chance at reaching potential clients as well as helps you identify possible opportunities.

For networking events to be beneficial to your business, you need to understand what the benefits of networking are and how they can help you boost your business sales, increase efficiency and promote your brand awareness.

Business networking opportunities could be in the form of business seminars and summits, networking groups as well as professional associations.

Here are five leading global networking events that many businesses have benefited for the past years;

1.         Global Business Intelligence (GBI)

GBI is a global networking event for business executives. The goal is to help businesses build a long-lasting relationship with selected respected professionals around the world, educational partners as well as innovative partners.

The goal of GBI is for people to share ideas. It provides entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to learn and interact with leading business minds from all over the world through online content such as blogs, videos, and infographics as well as through corporate events.

2.         Harvard Business School Global Networking

The Harvard Business School Global Networking is an open networking platform that seeks to tackle all matters that affect businesses. They set out to have a theme for each networking event concerning current issues causing workforce disruptions in a bid to ensure that businesses survive tough business environments. In the long run, this annual event has helped to ensure the overall economic success of its communities.

3.         Global Business Networking Show

This is a two days business seminar and workshop that happens in London.

This networking event is focused on bringing entrepreneurs together to enable them to socialize and exchange ideas in a more inclusive manner. GBNS has partnered with various sponsors across all sectors. They usually aim at bringing in at least three exceedingly influential people in the world of business as their keynote speakers for the summit.

This event is open to all entrepreneurs; to participate, one is required to purchase an all-inclusive ticket which caters to flight tickets, accommodation, international travel sim and day travel card, seminar and workshop fee, a business networking dinner pass and finally, a 1 or 2-day guided city tour in London.

4.         Accelerated Global Connections (AGC)

AGC is a global networking platform that enables business professionals to connect, inspire and learn together. AGC was founded on the belief that connections are the backbone of any business entity. They, therefore, created this platform to enable business people to network and hopefully begin doing business with their online business community.

This platform is all-inclusive as you can expect to meet a wide range of professionals whether they are small business owners or extremely established entrepreneurs or professionals.

5.         Chief Executive Officers (CEO) Club Network

CEO Club Network is an international corporate networking group based on membership and is attended by invited guests only. It comprises members across various industries i.e private and government entities, diplomats, and business councils. The CEO Club has successfully been launched in over ten countries across the globe. By the time of writing this article, there were still more countries that were in the process of starting the CEO Club Network.

This platform was created to enable CEOs and business executives to share their ideas and experiences as well as explore opportunities to grow their businesses locally and internationally. If you are a new business owner, you may need to start exploring the possibilities of networking with other entrepreneurs and picking their minds on mutual grounds. Even though the above networking events may not be a starting point for you, reaching out to some of the members has been able easy by the availability of digital networking sites such a LinkedIn

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