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5 Ways To Make People Fall In Love With The African Lifestyle

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African culture is known for its intriguing traditions and tribes. It is a wildly diverse country with a blend of various cultures and people from all walks of life. Such is the extent of its diversity that around 1000 to 2000 languages are spoken in the country. It is home to around one-third of the languages across the globe.

Once you start sharing your culture, you can easily cause people to question any one-sided assumptions that they may have about your country. Moreover, it is a way of promoting any kind of lifestyle. The way you take the first step does not have to be some kind of a grand gesture, but you do need to start somewhere. Following are some ways for you to make people fall in love with the African lifestyle.

1.     Teach A Class On The Traditional African Dance Style

Teaching a dance class is a simple and easy way to attract people to learn more about the history of your ancestors. After all, dance is often considered the universal language that connects people. There is no denying that African performing arts are deeply woven into the day-to-day of the country, as well as the entire social fabric. For some people in the country, it is also a form of worship. Imparting this knowledge through rhythmic bodily movement can also allow people to get a taste of theatre and music.

2.     Coordinate With Student Exchange Programs

What could be the best way to attract people to the African lifestyle than allowing them to experience it for themselves? This way, you will be able to bring a global perspective to the country and enrich the lives of the up-and-coming generation. This will not only open their eyes to the dynamic and culturally rich lifestyle of Africa but give them firsthand insight.

3.     Share Your Personal Experience

Numerous people across the globe harbor the fear of the unknown. Therefore, you can ease people into the culture, traditions, and lifestyle. One of the ways of doing this is by sharing your experience with people through an article in a blog, magazine, or a local paper. These days, making video blogs is also quite popular. Your unique perspective and voice could resonate with others, giving them the opportunity to fall in love with the African lifestyle.

4.     Organize An International Festival

Inviting people to personally witness the day-to-day of the African people is a great way to share arts, dance, games, crafts, and food. This will also help build lasting relationships and promote the loving and welcoming nature of the people in Africa. Remember to be open to questions and converse with people regarding the traditions and lifestyle of the people of the country.

5.     Share A Meal

Jollof Rice is readily consumed in Africa and is one of the most popular dishes in West Africa alone. Its popularity has made it one of the top prepared food at 68.97%. Sharing a plate of this dish with people could allow them to fall in love with the cuisine of the country. After all, jollof rice is deemed to be the queen of dishes.

An act of sharing a meal, a dance, or an experience has the potential to cultivate a trickle-down effect. The lifestyle of your country, as well as your values and culture, are no longer unknown to them as they start associating positive experiences with it. So, in order to make people fall in love with the African lifestyle, be sure to use the ways above and spread love, warmth, and positivity!

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