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6 online business ideas for beginners

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You have probably read through so many pieces telling you the dos and don’ts of starting a business as a beginner. All that information is probably overwhelming you and you now doubt your ability to do this.

Sure, it can be hard but not impossible.

There are a lot of online business opportunities that you can start as a beginner and be successful at it. You only have to identify what you are good at and run with it. Below is a list of online business ideas you can start as a beginner. 

1. Dropshipping business

Imagine being able to make money without having to spend even a dime of your money. That is the beauty of engaging in a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is where you create an e-commerce store, you could consider having your store hosted on free online store sites, and list items available from other stores that provide dropshipping services.

The advantage of dropshipping is that you do not need to keep inventory and you are not responsible for manufacturing and shipping. All you are required to do is to confirm the delivery address before shipment and also updating inventory in your online store.

2. Instagram Influencer

Instagram has become the current lifeline of a majority of brands. It is the modern-day version of the business card.

Regardless, it is not just enough being on Instagram, you need to make your products and services visible to all. It is for this reason that brands seek to work with Instagram celebrities to help them market their brand.

This work is ideal for you if you love taking photos for social media. As your following grows, more brands will be willing to work with you. Normally, the brand will pay you either per views or per hour, depending on your agreement, which will have you run a promotion for them. 

3. Run an eCommerce store

Currently, there are thousands of eCommerce stores available online meaning that there is a lot of competition. However, this business is quite profitable making it a viable business idea for a beginner.

The advantage of running an eCommerce store is that you can work from anywhere and it is very affordable to set up, unlike an offline store. 

4. Become a YouTuber

All you need is a good camera to take your videos and a PC to edit and upload the videos. With this, you are well equipped to start making money on YouTube.  There are many people making a living from YouTube and here is how.

Find your niche and plan content around it. this will help you gain subscribers who resonate with you. The next step is to monetize your channel. By monetizing your channel, you are making it eligible for payment through either one of the following ways; payment for views on a video, running ads, sponsorships and partnerships.

5. Online consultant

Are you an expert in a certain field such as fitness, counseling, business management or even health? You can set up a website and offer consultation services at a fee.

Health and fitness consultants are making a killing every day. To start, conduct research and find out what others in your line of interest are doing. This will help you to curve out a unique niche that will give you a competitive edge.

6. Freelancing

Whether you are seeking freelance jobs on writing, web development or graphic design, there are a ton of opportunities available online for freelancers, beginner or not.

All you have to do is to create a professional profile, network and get clients and start bidding on jobs you are capable of doing.  You can also join working sites to be able access people who may be in immediate need of your services.

There is absolutely no reason as to why you would not start an online business today. With these six options, you are ready to start earning money online.

The advantage of online businesses is that there is no limit as to how many you can take part in. all that matters is that you know how to manage each of them and that you are committed to making it work.

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