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Home to 54 countries, Africa has something for everyone. From Algeria’s bone-dry Sahara Desert to South Africa’s iconic urban skylines, the second-largest continent in the world, too, has landscapes as diverse as its animal kingdoms. Africa is famous for its beautiful sights and cities, unsurpassed natural wonders, dramatic coastline, amazing wildlife, luscious forests and unforgettable architecture. The continent has a unique culture and heritage and it is full of unbelievably wide-ranging and beautiful places to visit. Still not convinced. These few stunning locations should give you plenty of reason to travel to Africa right now.

  • Knysna, South Africa

Embracing an exquisitely beautiful lagoon and surrounded by ancient forests, Knysna (pronounced ny-znah) is probably the most famous town on the Garden Route. Formerly the center of the timber industry, supplying yellowwood and stinkwood for railway lines, shipping, and housebuilding, it still has several shops specializing in woodwork and traditional furniture.

Knysna is a beautiful town located in the Garden Route of South Africa. It is a beautiful place to visit and it features scenic attractions such as beautiful beaches and lush forest vegetation. If you love a quiet but exciting vacation, Knysna is a place to go.

  • Mountain Oasis of Chebika, Tunisia

Located in the Tozeur Governance of Tunisia, the mountain oasis of Chebika is an amazingly beautiful paradise located at the foot of the Djebel el Negueb Mountains. Often called “Qasr el-Shams,” the Arabic phrase for “Castle of the Sun,” the location truly is a castle or a fortress against the harsh elements of the surrounding desert.

This town offers exciting adventures, beautiful views of the mountain oasis and a chance to enjoy an authentic and magical African holiday.

  • Lake Assal, Djibouti

Lake Assal is a beautiful crater lake, located in central-western Djibouti. The Lake is an perfect location for those who love the sun and want to experience unpretentious summer temperateness because it is very hot here. The Lake is a natural landscape created by salt stone – pure white gypsum which surrounds the lake.

  • Seychelles

Seychelles has long been an exclusive dream destination for many people. The destination features paradisiacal beaches, the turquoise sea and the outstanding cliffs of the Indian Ocean, you should visit Seychelles for an experience that will remain in your hearts forever.

  • Aswan City and Nile River, Egypt

The best way to discover the beauty of Nile River is through Aswan City. Similarly, there is no better way to see Aswan city than by boat on Nile River. Nile River is the longest river in the world. The magic and mystic of the Nile is very captivating, and the river is one of the most beautiful places in Africa.

  • Boyoma Falls

Formerly Stanley Falls, Boyoma Falls are a series of rapids (waterfalls is a bit of a stretch) on the Congo River spread out over 100km south from Kisangani. The last rapids are just to the east of town, which is where the Wagenia fishermen set up their innovative fishing traps. It’s an interesting excursion, but sadly one where tourists are routinely fleeced and where each tour often has hidden costs. The best plan is to go with a local.

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