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Best personal finance tools/apps that can help you manage your money

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Keeping track of and managing money is no longer limited to shuffling out checkbooks and doing calculations on paper for hours. There are several online apps and tools to help you manage your money in the most efficient way possible.

You can do it all online, from budgeting and paying bills to handle your investment portfolio and limiting your expenditure. There is an online tool for everything nowadays.

If you are looking for a personal finance app or tool to manage your money right on your phone, below is a list of the best tools to aid you in accomplishing exactly that. Keep reading.

1.    Mint

Mint is one of the best tools for overall money management as it provides almost all features to keep your cash flow in check.

You can get started by connecting your credit cards and bank accounts with Mint, and then it will categorize all information automatically. It will show you the due payments, where you are spending the most money, and you can also get alerts for when your account balance is running too low.

With Mint, you can budget, cut back on expenses, stay ahead of bills, and even get free access to your credit score. Mint lets you know the factors affecting your credit health the most, so you can work on that. The only drawback is that there is no option for investments.

Mint is very simple to use and free to sign up for. You can get Mint on iOS, Android, and even on Desktop.

2.    Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of the best tools to not only manage your everyday expenditure but also to manage your investment portfolio, all in one place.

You can connect your multiple bank accounts, such as a mortgage, spending, and investment accounts, and keep track of your finances in one app without having to switch screens. Other than keeping track of everyday spending, this app helps achieve your wealth-building and investment goals by uncovering any extra costs you might be paying through risk management and presenting more opportunities to diversify your portfolio.

If you have more than $100k in your investment, you can get financial advice from experts via the app. There is no monthly fee for Personal Capital.

3.    TurboTax

You might not need this tool for the entire year, but TurboTax is a great tool to help you file taxes and tax returns. It is very consumer-friendly and simple to use. You can import your W-2 information or just attach a picture, and the app will fill in the form itself. If you use this every year, TurboTax will remember your personal information, and you will only be asked about any major changes.

Through TurboTax Live, you can connect with an expert who will advise you about filing your tax returns. You can use the basic version to file for state and federal tax returns for free with only a form 1040 and no schedules attached.


Managing money aptly is one of the most stressful tasks of adult life. By subscribing to a digital tool or app, you can make your life significantly easier. In most cases, all you have to do is connect your accounts and you are set.

What is your favorite tool to manage personal finances?

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