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Can Entrepreneurship and a 9-5 Job Go Hand in Hand?

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Many people who start their entrepreneurship careers are a part of 9-5 jobs. The jump and transition from a 9-5 job to entrepreneurship can be a tough one. So, it makes sense to continue the two side by side. Many people also venture into entrepreneurship due to a lack of suitable job options. According to Statista, 310 individuals out of 100,000 in the US venture into entrepreneurship.

What can help in running a 9-5 job while being an entrepreneur?

It might seem like the undoable, but contrary to that, many people venture into entrepreneurship while working with their regular jobs. An interesting fact to note is that many people take full use of working a regular job and extract benefits that can help with their start-ups. Some several factors and habits can help with running a regular job and start-ups side by side.

Managing the most critical asset – time

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day – 24 hours. Yet not everyone is at the same pace or equally successful. The reason lies in the different ways people use their time or waste it. Juggling a start-up with a regular job becomes possible due to efficient time management. It’s the most expensive resource that we have, so it has to be allocated in the best way possible.

Using the valuable trait of proactiveness

This world belongs to those who are proactive. Entrepreneurs that also manage a regular job are the most proactive people as they understand the immense benefits they can gain from the trait. Being proactive is always better than being reactive. It helps entrepreneurs in preparing themselves in advance for the future. This trait also proves valuable in managing two jobs and running them efficiently.

Being disciplined

Being disciplined is a virtue that can take anyone to the greatest heights of success. It is also a handy and beneficial trait for people managing a business and a regular job. It ensures that none of their work is in jeopardy. Additionally, it also ensures that these people are reaching their goals and deadline on time or before time. However, never surpassing those deadlines.

The constant pursuit of improved performance

James clear in his Atomic Habits talks about the value of being 1% better every day. Getting a tiny bit better every day will result in a tremendous change within 365 days. Entrepreneurs juggle a 9-5 job easily because they are always either improving or looking for ways that can help them in being more resourceful and efficient.

Staying open to new ideas

A critical part of managing two jobs at once is open-mindedness. Being rigid will take you nowhere and can serve as an obstacle in managing two workplaces. So, having an open mind and being open to new ideas, strategies and ways also help in the efficient management of a start-up with a regular job.

There are no hard and fast rules encircled in a boundary guaranteed to provide success in managing two jobs. However, there are a lot of options that people in such situations have tried and have succeeded. So, the key lies in knowing the traits that can be most helpful to you in managing your specific situation and then incorporating them in life.

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