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Empowering the Diaspora & Building the Awakening Africa Hub

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African American entrepreneurs are eager for some guidance and exposure. Let’s give that to them.

The Power in Our Hands

The Diaspora has spread talent all around the world, bringing African families into countries far and wide. There is immense potential to the Diaspora, but if we want to see the coming generations reach their full potential, we need to start thinking creatively. We cannot expect all of our talent and gifts to bloom otherwise – or any of our young people to see all of the opportunities that are in front of them. It is up to all of us to point out these opportunities, highlighting them and pointing others toward them. This should be a matter of pride, of seeing all of our natural capabilities and the heights to which we can ascend and then refusing anything less.

This is Awakening Africa.

Shaping a New Generation

At Awakening Africa, we believe that the brightest future is in our children’s hands. The challenges that are before us are so great, however, that we need to work together to overcome them. Look around at the countries of Africa, and although you will find poverty and economic struggle, you will also see hope. You will see people who are willing to work to build something, and throughout the Diaspora, that remains true. Moving forward is not going to be easy, but we will stop at nothing.

Our Plans

We have established our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, putting an emphasis on what we know African American entrepreneurs can do. Specifically, we are working to leverage young talent to make an outsized impact. Since 2018, we have proven our dedication to Africans in the Diaspora, launching a variety of initiatives. The two most notable of these initiatives, the African Business Lounge, and Awakening Africa Hub, promise to catapult us into a new age for our people.

The African Business Lounge

Through the African Business Lounge, we are unifying entrepreneurs, organizations, and other professionals within the Diaspora, building bridges between those in Africa and those in the US. We want to encourage investment and collaboration in our communities, positioning African and American power to make a difference in the world.

The more people come to think of the African Business Lounge as a service, one that they can turn to and rely on when they are trying to jump-start businesses or form new networks, the better it will work out for all of us.

Awakening Africa Hub

Awakening Africa Hub is a one-stop shop for inspiration, training, self-development, mentoring, and business growth that will elevate and motivate you towards business success.We are a global brand and digital solution company that works round the clock to show you through real-life experiences of great entrepreneurs how to start, sustain and build tomorrow’s leading businesses. Through our magazine, weekly podcast, directory, and community of entrepreneurs, we have candid conversations with successful businesspersons on how to build and grow businesses from scratch.

Awakening Africa Hub is home to building entrepreneurs, we are all-around about building successful entrepreneurs and communities. 

Future Plans

We are expanding our entrepreneurial communities where entrepreneurs can connect with one another, share ideas, grow their businesses, and offer advice. We have plans to be a leverage point for businesses that are just beginning to get off the ground and can help provide advice, mentorship, and support to those that are looking to grow. Currently, our founder is writing a book that goes into the concepts underpinning Awakening Africa in even greater detail. We are realists at heart, and recognizing the immensity of our task, we promise you that we will continue to think progressively and plan for both the short-term and the long-term. All of our initiatives are for you, for the betterment of African Americans in the US, and for the empowerment of the youngest and brightest shining stars among us.

Now, we need your help

What We Need & What You Get

We are turning to you for help raising $100,000. That may not seem like a large amount of money, but it would be enough to set Awakening Africa off in the right direction. Once our primary initiatives have picked up some momentum, we can think even further beyond them, looking deeper into the future and generating feedback from our participants about what they need from us.

Generational wealth starts today. We are cultivating a different mindset within African millennial entrepreneurs, and by contributing to this campaign, you are contributing to exactly that.      To say thanks to everyone who makes a contribution to this campaign, we are offering some exclusive rewards, including discounts on Awakening Africa Magazine and directory and limited-edition Awakening Africa-branded merchandise.

Risks & Challenges

Expanding Awakening Africa is not going to be simple. Although we believe in our programs and the resources we are creating, this is a labor-intensive, time-intensive endeavor. Fortunately, our passions are driving us. We are not going to slow down, and we are not going to give up. If we run into any major challenges, we will be sure to keep all of our contributors informed, send out regular updates, and remain transparent.

Other Ways You Can Help

On top of contributing some amount of money to this campaign, you can show your support for Awakening Africa by sharing a link to the campaign page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media platforms you use. The more people are aware of our organization, our magazine, and all of our other plans, the more widely we can broaden our reach in the coming months and years.

Your support means everything to us. Together, we can change the world.

We appreciate all contributions, monetary and non-monetary, and we thank you for your time.


Thank you



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