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Five Inspiring Things Emerging in the African Tech Space

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The African tech scene is booming, and many inspiring things are emerging from the continent. From startups to established companies, there is a lot of innovation and creativity in the African tech space.

The Most Noteworthy: Five Inspiring Things Emerging in the African Tech Space

Africa is a continent with much-unrealized potential, which is also true for its tech industry. Over the past few years, many encouraging projects and advancements have emerged from the African tech sector. Here are five inspiring things emerging in the African tech space.

1. The Rise of African Startups

There has been a significant increase in African startups achieving success internationally in the past few years. Andela (a company that trains and connects talented African developers with top global businesses) and Jumia (Africa’s largest online retailer) are two notable examples.

Here are four reasons why this startup is a smart move:

  • There’s a growing number of African startups that are achieving success.
  • Going global gives African startups access to new markets and customers.
  • It can help African startups attract more investment.
  • Global expansion can help African startups scale their businesses.

2. The Growth of the African Tech Ecosystem

Along with the rise of individual startups, we are also seeing growth in the overall tech ecosystem in Africa. This includes increased funding for African startups and the launch of more accelerators and incubators (such as Nairobi’s iHub and Lagos’s CcHub).

Here are four particularly promising sectors:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic globally, and Africa is no exception. Startups solving healthcare and transportation problems with AI are getting attention from investors.
  • The Edtech sector is seeing a lot of activity in Africa as startups offer online education services or develop innovative educational products that attract domestic and international investors.
  • In the Cleantech sphere, African startups are attracting a lot of attention from impact investors for their work in renewable energy and water/waste management solutions.
  • Agritech is yet another sector where African startups are innovating and attracting investment.

3. Established Companies Investing in Africa

Many established corporations recognize the potential of Africa’s burgeoning tech scene and are heavily investing in it. This month, Equiano, Google’s subsea internet cable for Africa, will touch down for the first time in Togo. While Facebook is working on expanding its internet connectivity initiatives across the continent, these investments will help to accelerate the growth of the tech sector in Africa.

4. The Rise of Women in Tech

Although women have always been active in Africa’s tech sector, they are now increasingly taking on leadership roles. This is evident from initiatives such as SheHacks Africa and Ladies in Tech Africa.

Here are some key points to note about the rise of women in African tech:

  • The rise of women in tech is attributable to various factors, including increased access to education and training and the rise of entrepreneurship.
  • Women in tech are important in driving innovation on the continent.

5. Innovation and Creativity are Thriving

African startups are developing innovative solutions to address the continent’s various challenges. These businesses impact people’s lives, from mobile banking apps to solar-powered water pumps. Increased access to technology allows more African artists and creatives to showcase their work to a global audience.


The tech industry in Africa is flourishing, and there is a lot of invention and creativity. Startups, established companies, and individuals are all driving the growth of the African tech ecosystem. New businesses, cutting-edge technologies, and a strong sense of community are examples of emerging, inspiring things.

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