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How Gen-Z is changing the tech sphere in Africa

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What’s more, thanks to the impatient yet brimming with ideas Gen-Z, the technological growth in Africa is on a tangent of its own. The future of every area and country is profoundly affected by technological advancements. It’s especially critical for helping emerging nations and areas boost productivity and advance quickly.

Africa’s young and increasing population, increased broadband penetration, and the use of new advancements that can contribute to improving affordable healthcare, financial sectors, schooling, and power make the continent a rich ground for tech start-ups.

Millennials and Gen-Z

Back in the day, millennials, individuals born between 1981 to 1996, were the crux of the workforce. But as time progresses and age overcomes their pace of work, Gen Z is taking over, which consists of individuals born from 1997 to later.

With their higher adaptation to tech and higher knowledge of the domain, Gen-Z is entering the tech sphere of Africa with heightened confidence in their work and belief in the system.

Empowerment of Gen-Z in the African tech industry

According to an African Generation Z 2018 report, “Technology empowers Gen Z to do things no other generation before them could. Access to information online has reduced dependency on traditional teaching methods, enabling young Africans to teach themselves coding and other valuable IT skills. This creates a culture of entrepreneurship among young adults, who are questioning traditional ways of working and adopting new approaches to tackling problems.”

A major example of this growth can be taken from the founder of Analog Teams, who are using Gen-Z resources in his businesses to channel growth and has already expanded in ix African countries with a seven-figure income!

For a long time, tech start-ups were considered the exclusive domain of the world’s wealthiest nations. A look at corporate venture capital statistics shows that the likes of Silicon Valley (NYC) and London/Berlin are still in a game of their own when it comes to recruiting funding. New generations of digital innovation systems are gaining momentum well beyond Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

While VC funding in Africa is still a small portion of the global equity market, the region, the most recent and fastest-urbanizing area globally, is among the most enterprising places on the planet. According to the African Development Bank, 22% of the continent’s workforce is launching their firms, making it the world’s highest entrepreneurial rate.

The dilemma of opportunities

As of now, the only thing stopping Gen-Z in the eyes of the employers from reaching their true potential is the lack of experience they come with. While millennials might come with a stronger need to learn technological adaptation, they are equipped with decades of experience, which gives them the upper edge.

From internships to various work opportunities and projects, Gen- needs to step up their game and prove their worth in the African market with the help of any added experience.

It might be disastrous if new employment isn’t created to support this generation’s hopes and dreams. In today’s fast-paced, no sector or corporation is safe. The way humanity communicates digitally has shifted profoundly, and many of the occupations we have now may be obsolete over the next few years.


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