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How Tech Industry Has Changed Over the Past 10 Years in Africa

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With time Africa is gradually moving towards a more stable way of life as the global economy stabilizes. While the growth and progress are commendable, it is crucial to note that a considerable amount of this stability and progress is because of the technological advancements that have taken place over the past ten years in Africa. 

Technological Growth in Africa

A notable web of entrepreneurs is on the rise in Africa, giving birth to a whole new creative and efficient IT ecosystem. This ecosystem has been housing various ventures underneath its umbrella, including innovation c enters, entrepreneurs, funding for those individuals, unique tech ventures, and a lot of start-up activity taking place in locations such as Nigeria. 

  • Kenyans and Mobile Phones

Back in 2010, few citizens in the region of Kenya had access to a smartphone and the wonders it brings along with itself. Even the launch of smartphones had taken place two years earlier. Only the high-end class of the region could use it along with 3G services, while others were limited to 2G phones. 

Today, World Bank Report says, 85% of the population of Kenya is connected to 3G signals and higher. 

  • Africa’s Digital Economy Growth

Over the last ten years, a principal amount of growth was noted, which eventually all circles back to Kenya. With the help of the Silicon Savannah moniker in 2007 and 2010, a money-making opportunity was created through this infamous crowdfunding application. With times this growth took on new levels. In the year 2007, the famous M-Peas mobile money was launched. Kenyan telecom Safaricom brought forward this product. 

The launch of this tool is known to be one of the most significant milestones for the African region. With the help of this tool, it was made possible for different citizens to use their mobile phones for business rather than adhering to the traditional brick-and-mortar banking system. This proved as a step into digital banking and increasing the chances of a stabilized digital economy.

  • Mobile Apps and Online Selling

While mobile apps have done wonders for recreational purposes, they have made a significant impact on the economy of Africa as well. Various individuals who were restricted to conducting their business through brick and mortar stores or stalls now don’t have to go through the hassle of stalls and stores. Today, these individuals use different selling platforms such as Facebook and the Instagram market to sell their goods. At the same time, they stock their inventory at their homes and operate for the comfort of their homes. 

  • Agriculture and Security

Home security, along with streamlined payments, has also benefited from mobile applications. The concept of online carpooling and public transportation through tech was a strange one for Africa. However, that is not the case now. The agricultural sector has progressed as well now that farmers can use applications such as Digi Farm and i-Cow, etc., to have the freedom they wish to sell and at what prices. 

All in all, technology has changed the way Africans deal with their everyday chores. This change and innovation are leading to progress and development for the region.

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