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How To Change Your Fashion Statement In 21 Days

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Your fashion statement is the style that speaks for you in the world. Being your style, the fashion statement of each individual is uniquely different from the rest. However, the trouble starts when it comes to identifying your fashion statement and understanding what it is. If you don’t like your current fashion statement and want to make an immediate change, here is a complete guide for you. 

Changing Fashion Statement in 21 Days

1. Get Inspiration

The first way to change your fashion statement is by getting inspiration. Many people tend to shy away from getting inspiration in the threat of impersonation, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Look to fashion look books or social media and influencers to find a style that resonates with you. Other common sources of inspiration can be fashion bloggers, magazines and celebrities, etc. Once you find something that clicks, build on it by incorporating your element into it.

2. Try a Mood Board

Fashion mood boards have been commonly known as the backbone of the fashion industry. Take any fashion-based movie, and you will come across the main character making a board that has all her favorites cramped together. This is an efficient way to work on your new fashion statement. 

While the board does all feel all over the place, see how you contrast every contrast element to the next. The best part about fashion mood boards is that you can images to them as well-cut outs of real fabric! Once your mood board comes to a completion, try to look for that gist in clothes while shopping. 

3. Closet Clean Up

The first step of the journey to changing your fashion statement begins with cleaning out your closet. A closet filled to the brim with old clothes will eventually pull you back into the old fashion taste. Take some time and clean out your wardrobe. Make three piles; one can be for charity/donation, the next will be what you plan to keep, and the last will be items that need to be recycled or chucked away. 

4. Work on A New Mix

Changing your fashion statement in 21 days entails having newer clothes that can make up for your new and refined fashion statement. This can be done easily with the help of the creation of a capsule or emergency wardrobe. This wardrobe would serve as a base for your quick fashion change, and you can then build on it as time passes and keep adding clothes to it.

 The wardrobe will make up of random but basic pieces that would go together. While these items can be pretty elementary, they will highlight your fashion statement when worn right. 

5. Pick Your Go-Tos

Lastly, pick colors and shades that can be your go-to colors until you decide to change your fashion statement. Make sure that the shades complement your color complexion and speak your mind. It would be even better to grab a few statement accessories as your go-tos. These will ensure that your wardrobe always has a unique touch to it. 

Revamping your style and changing your wardrobe in 21 days is no big deal. Al, you have to be is quick on your feet and in your mind, and you’re good to go. Keep these pointers in mind for the next time you decide to change your fashion statement. 

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