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How To Hire an African Photographer For Your Wedding

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Planning a wedding is the most hectic but crucial planning you will ever have to do in your life. Whether it is choosing a dress, venue, food, drinks, cakes, etc., it will take a lot of your energy and money, too, especially when planning an African wedding.

According to CNN reports, a Nigerian wedding can cost up to $9000-$13000 if you have around 1000 guests on your list.

Now along with all the other necessary elements, you also need to find a photographer that will be able to capture your special moments. But how are you going to do that?

Following are  some pointers for you to hire the right photographer.

Here’s How You Can Hire The Right African Photographer

When hiring a photographer either for an African wedding or in general, keep the following pointers in mind:

1. Skills And Experience Photographing Black People

When choosing a wedding photographer, ensure he has prior experience capturing black skin tones. No matter how experienced your photographer may be, the skill of capturing dark skin tones is something that every photographer does not possess.

If yes, then ask for the pictures. This is essential because about 80 percent of Africa is based on the black population. All of the individuals have different skin tones. To capture them perfectly, your photographer should have some experience with lights and angles.

2. Courteous And Understanding Character

A good understanding between you and your photographer is the key to successful pictures.

Wedding day is the busiest day of everyone’s life. There might be moments when you will be highly pissed, sad, or even exhausted. In those situations, you might not be keen on taking pictures.

And if you have a photographer who can understand your situation and does not push you is pretty comforting. Moreover, you might have various disagreements with the photographer at different points. A good photographer will be the one who not only understands your conflict but also comes up with solutions.

3. Have An Excellent Portfolio

Always ask the photographer for his portfolio before making any decisions. Take your time to check every picture and what type of lights, tones, or angles he uses. Inspect the quality of his photo taken during both the day and night.

Nowadays, finding portfolios is not tricky; You can even find photographers’ websites and social media handles. They always have their portfolios uploaded online for the clients to see. Never choose a photographer based on a reference by someone.

Even if you always check his work, then make your decisions.

4. Travel Friendly

If you have chosen some specific places to have your shoot, then make sure your photographer is okay with it. Or always mention this first when negotiating with the photographer. In this case, hiring a photographer from your area is better.

You can also choose a photographer for your shoot location, which might be inconvenient. Also, make sure he is okay with working in your desired location.

5. Pricing According To Your Budget

Lastly, go with the person whose pricing is according to your budget. Weddings are a costly event, and you will be facing a lot of expenses.

African weddings especially can be costly. According to reports, a wedding photographer can charge you about R4000-R11,000. That too, just for the photos, the video and additional shoots costs are separate.

Keeping that in mind, always set aside a budget and look for a photographer that comes under your budget.


Weddings are the most beautiful and unforgettable day of everyone’s life. And you can keep these memories intact with the help of stunning pictures. If you keep in mind the mentioned pointers, we are sure you will be able to find an excellent photographer for your African wedding.

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