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The Awakening Africa Hub brings to you the Africa Business Lounge International Trading Expo. This is an annual event that has been taking place in Dallas, Texas USA since 2018. Awakening Africa Hub is happy to announce that this year, 2022, the exhibition is set to be the most prominent African business expo in the United States of America. The exhibition will not only include local exhibitors but entrepreneurs from over twenty countries in the African continent.

The goal of this year’s exhibition is to create a global village by presenting Business to Business and Business to Consumer opportunities where traders can seek or sell their products and services and expand their global reach.

The theme for this year’s event is nurturing African American business connections. We must accept that the world is able to thrive because of the complement of different people, cultures, and societies. Different continents bear their unique strength; for America, these strengths may lie in innovation and a stable economy, but for Africa, it could be in innovation and availability of resources. At the African Business Lounge, we expect to not only see exhibitors with products of interest but with ideas, innovations, and skill sets that may match up with others to build something that matters. For this reason, we have invited passionate people, people who are setting standards in their fields of interest and who are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone to build incredible innovations. These are the people who will contribute to the future by building a greater economy for individual entrepreneurs, and collectively, for the global market.

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This is an opportunity to meet investors from all walks of life and explore the endless possibilities in the import and export market – a possibility that will strengthen international trade. Like in the past, the African Business Lounge has received endorsement from various governments even as it seeks to partner with government institutions, private sectors, youth ministries, and future-filled young entrepreneurs to open up the world for greater businesses. Among the sectors that will be represented in the expo include Health care, real estate, agribusiness, tourism, construction, logistics, oil and gas, software and technology, banking and finance, mining, and professional services among others.

Apart from the exhibition, invited speakers, most of whom are sector leaders and successful business owners, will be present to give insight into the business market and moderate discussions among entrepreneurs. Well-coordinated private spaces will also be set aside for B2B and B2C meetings as the need arises. It will be a culture-filled event with entertainment from renowned international performers and live concerts happening in the Plano Event Center. Already floor spaces are getting booked and arrangements are in place to make the December event a success.

The floor plan and booking instructions are available at
Interested individuals can also contact the Africa Business Lounge office at or (927)-200-7897 / (800)-6349057

Do not miss out on this chance in a lifetime!!

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