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Start your podcast right away; that too with your cell phone

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When is the best time to start a podcast? It is now with the cell phone you have. Nothing more is required. The best aspect of starting a podcast with a cellphone is that you don’t need any additional accessories. However, what you do need are a plan and proper execution.

  1. Pick a quiet and comfortable spot

The first requirement is to find a corner or a room in your house that can provide the required quiet and silence. It is vital to place yourself in a room where you will be away from the noise of traffic outside your house or that of children playing. You will have fewer chances of distraction in a quiet place as well. Additionally, try picking a room or adjusting the room with minimal furniture. It can work as an excellent tip to ensure good voice quality.

      2. Use the smartphone’s in-built microphones right

The expected use of microphones that come in-built in smartphones is for calls. However, nothing is stopping you from using them for podcasts as well. With that being said, being careful of a few aspects will result in better audio quality. Let’s take a look at some hacks to make the audio quality even better.

  • You can put tape on the microphone on your smartphone. It will help in reducing the entry of extra noise, and you will end up with crisp quality audio.
  • Place your phone in airplane mode. It will ensure that there are 0% chances of you getting distracted by any notification.
  • Angle your phone in a way that it stays away from anything that buzzes like an air conditioner, fan, etc.

    3. Utilize a recording app

There are several great recording apps available on the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple play store for iPhone users. The most reputed recording app that you can find on the Google Play store is Rev voice recorder, Android’s stock audio recorder, and easy voice recorder. As for iPhone, the most reputed recording apps are Rev Voice recorder, iTalk, and audio share.

   4. Fine-tune with an editing app

Several podcasts have two or more people hosting the podcast, or the pattern includes a guest with every episode. Even with you as a singular person recording it, having an editing app will be beneficial. There are some good apps available on the Google play store for Android users and on the Apple play store for iPhone users. So, take benefit of these apps and use them to edit and fine-tune your podcast.

You can add a jingle as the introductory sound and ending sound as well. It doesn’t have to belong – no more than a minute, but it must be catchy. The recommended time is 30 seconds. You can add that with the help of an editing app as well.

   5. Monitor your recording for the podcast

There are several reasons associated with monitoring your voice. Many people cringe when they hear themselves. So, listening to yourself will make you use-to, and you can see and understand where and when you want to improve. Some people speak so fast it is hard to make sense while the others are opposite. By monitoring your voice, you will be able to not only edit the audio better but also improve your voice and speaking quality.



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