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Successful Africans around the world in sports and what can you learn from their lives

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Other than being an important physical activity, sports in Africa hold massive importance as they are a huge boost to the development of nations. These days all kinds of sports are deeply embedded inside Africa as they improve health and happiness, unite the people, and create opportunities for people throughout the countries. Some popular sports in Africa include football, rugby, cycling, cricket, wrestling, rally, basketball, and athletics. As the sports industry is increasingly growing in Africa, estimates show that the total revenue will reach around US $8.89m in 2022.

The success of African sports figures

1.      Didier Drogba

A retired professional Ivorian footballer, Didier Drogba is an all-time top-scorer and a known name among football lovers and fans. With a career spread over almost 14 years, he played for Chelsea, Le Mans, Olympique Marseille, and Galatasaray AS. Along with his prowess on the football field, he is appreciated for his philanthropic work in his home country. When his country suffered from global unrest, he used his reputation to raise his voice against the conflict, and many people were moved by his speech.

2.      Jacques Kallis

Recognized as one of the greatest and most successful cricket all-rounders in the world, Jacques Kallis was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Due to his high standards of batting, he had the capacity to be a powerful cricketer of his time, and with his perfect fielding, he would not let any catch slip from his hands. Besides being a cricket coach and a player, he founded the Jacques Kallis Scholarship Foundation to help the less fortunate have the opportunities and education as he had.

3.      CJ Stander

Born Christiaan Johan Stander, CJ Stander is a former South African rugby player who represented South Africa in U20 Rugby World Cup in 2009 and 2010. After that, he was named a part of the dream team in 2015-16, and he became the Munster Player of the Year in May 2016. He played for the Blue Bulls in the Currie Cup and the Bulls in Super Rugby in 2012. With a career spread over many years, he played for Ireland as well as the British and Irish Lions. Despite many people doubting his intentions, as he played for Ireland, he never gave up on his performance and game.

4.      Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo, born in Lubumbashi, got his chance at professional basketball when he was spotted at a youth tournament at the age of 16. He was highly in demand in the NBA despite low scores initially, but soon he improved at his game when he signed a 2-year contract. He is known to be the first Congolese who have managed to reach such heights in his career. Throughout his career, he has managed to amass a total number of 803 blocks and around 3,660 total rebounds. All of his accomplishments have proven to be a real inspiration for Africans today, and many aspire to be like him.


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