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As the COVID19 pandemic continues to infect and re-infect people all over the world, the fate of our future and future lifestyle remains unknown. Businesses have had to slow down and rethink the modes of operation based on the daily changes that are happening guided by the spread of the virus. COVID 19 has a direct impact on industries, businesses, and careers, an impact that we must all learn to leave with and adjust to. The virus is teaching us many lessons; top on the list is flexibility in our operations. There is no longer telling about tomorrow. 

 To adjust to our current lifestyles, many businesses have reverted to digital ways of conducting business.  For example, learning in many parts of the world, even though in third world countries there is still the challenge of internet connection and power, the two has become a necessity for the continuation of the learning process, and because necessity is the mother of all inventions, even those who could previously not be able to afford cable TV and internet connections, are making an effort to remain connected to the rest of the world. While social distancing and minimal human contact is still the only remedy to the dreaded virus, people have replaced gyms with live streaming of quick but necessary exercises to stay fit and healthy. Gym owners are now investing more in technological equipment that allows them to reach their clients from the comfort of their homes. 

Companies such as Google, Zoom, Slack, and social media platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are also becoming very necessary in today’s day to day activities. Many businesses have now resolved to use these platforms not only to market their already dwindling products and services , also to communicate directly in a Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) meeting without having a face to face InterAction. For this reason, social media platforms and virtual companies are recording profits during the ongoing pandemic. This trend might continue well into the future as businesses are now discovering alternative cheaper ways that they conduct business without losing the quality of their services.

The pandemic has also taught many business owners the value of transparent communication with clients. While the economy continues to dive, it has become necessary to talk about money matters; the availability or lack of, especially for retailers and manufacturers. It is important for clients to know the new working schedule and to manage their expectations as to when they will receive their product or service. This is saving many businesses despite the challenges that have been caused by the recommended go slow to fight the coronavirus. It has also become very necessary for businesses to protect their staff and their families even as they continue to provide their services during these difficult times. Even though people are working from home, many companies are choosing to be accommodative of the fact that other people at home may need the attention of their staff members. Working schedules are set and daily targets observed to maintain healthy work to life balance. 

For those that still have to go into their places of work, many business owners are choosing to observe high hygiene standards to prevent infection and spread of the virus. Often offices are now fumigated while sanitization centers have been placed and masks provided to keep all staff members safe. This trend might go on for the foreseeable future as it is anticipated that even after a cure or vaccine is found, it might take a long while to reach a global zero infections and reinfections. The working surface areas will also have to increase, and shift mode of working will also be adopted as many employers find a way to continue their daily activities without risking infection to staff. A larger surface area will ensure enough distance between one worker and the other while a shift system of working will minimize the number of workers in one place at the same time without compromising on a timely service or product delivery.

Even as we continue to adjust and find a new way of life with the virus, it is important to note that some businesses may not be able to survive these times. It is expected that while businesses will shut down, new ones will also rise with new creative and transformational innovations that are expected to meet the new needs in the society.

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