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Top 10 Expensive Eateries In The African Continent

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How much can you expect to spend on food in Africa? Here is a list of the top 10 expensive eateries in the African continent.

1. La Grande Table Marocaine, Marrakech

This is a Royal Mansour Moroccan haute cuisine restaurant. The grand and royal interior design and nonpareil hospitality culminate in an unparalleled dining experience. The average per-person cost for dining is $100. The place is famous for its lavish à la carte menu, which costs a ginormous but is worth $155.

2. The Test Kitchen, Cape Town

This Michelin star restaurant serves Nouvelle Latin cuisine with a South African touch. The popular Light Room costs a staggering $150. It is regularly featured on the world’s 50 Best Restaurants list, and the dining experience here can be summed up as a plethora of joy.

3. La Colombe, Cape Town

This place offers a miraculous fusion of Asian and French cuisine. This place takes its guests on a gastronomic adventure with its experimental taste. The ‘Gourmand’ menu costs around $115 and $190 with premium wine.

4. Waterkloof Restaurant, Cape Town

Labelled as ‘cellar in the sky’, this restaurant is located on top of Schapenberg hill and offers scenic views with its glass-walled architecture. Their lavish seven-course meal costs $130 when paired with their classic wine, which is worthy of a delightful and artful dining experience.

5. Greenhouse, Cape Town

This slice of paradise is in Cellars Hohenort Hotel and is set atop the Eastern slope of Table mountain, which is one of the New Seven Wonders of the world. The average spent at this restaurant can be around $65 to $90, which is a steal for the overall experience.

6. Marble, Johannesburg

This restaurant is an exemplary South African affair of meat and fire. The grilled meat platter costs $75, and the fried fish one costs $80. Not just meat but an area of fresh ingredients, including vegetables and bread, are made on flaming coals.

7. Wolfgat, Western Cape

Wolfgang is an intimate dining place as it serves 20 diners only at a time. It is built around an archaeologically significant cave and looks out to the beautiful blue ocean. Here the seven-course tasting menu is priced at $60. The menu is mostly focused on seafood and has West Coast South African influences.

8. Santoku Restaurant and bar Accra, Ghana

Santoku takes you on a journey to Japan. This Japanese restaurant and bar in Accra, Ghana, serves all Japanese classics, including the staple sushi, sashimi, and gyoza. The main attraction here is their exotic booze, Japanese whiskey, champagne, and exotic cocktails. A cocktail here costs $9 on average.

9. FYN Restaurant, Cape Town

This place has a cold steel interior with wooden discs hanging from the ceiling, adding extra dimension to it. FYN uses Japanese techniques, which gives a unique flair to its menu. The average per-head cost is around $20 and $35 for the tasting menu.

10. La Petite Colombe, Franschhoek

This is a sister branch of the award-winning La Colombe in Constantia. It is recognized for its instagrammable food. Their tasting menu is for $30, and you can meet the chef by paying an additional $5.

Food is an affair involving all your tactical senses, and the continent of Africa with 54 countries has ample luxurious eateries where you can experience the pinnacle of fine dining.

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