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What can Africans teach you about discovery?

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Africa is no more a region you would hear of in the news associated with drought or drastic poverty levels. Instead, the continent is on a journey that only leads them upwards and onwards. A major role in the growth journey is played by the discoveries that the continent is making as time passes. These inventions and discoveries birthed from the grounds of Africa have shown productive ways of conducting life.

The birth of Math

While you might’ve heard tons about the Industrial Revolution or the Scientific Revolution, all those history books forgot to elaborate on was that various jewels were imitated from Africa and that this region has a lot more to offer other than their history of slavery.

It is said that ancient Africans who lived centuries and centuries ago were the ones who first came up with the concept of using maths in everyday life. Egyptians were the ones who started making use of the earliest systems of numeric. Moreover, these were also the first individuals to solve mathematical equations.

Navigation and Africa

Google Maps and the navigation concept that we can’t imagine our lives without was also initiated in Africa.

A wide range of boats was developed in Africa, including tiny reed-based vessels, sails, and larger ships with beds and even kitchenettes. The Mali & Songhai developed vessels 100 feet in length and 13 feet broad that could transport up to 80 tones. The mariners navigated by utilizing crude maps and readings of the Sun’s rays to identify positions.

Discoveries for mankind

It is known that homoserines were in the African region around 300000 years ago. We also know about the evolution of various tools such as personal ornaments, tool forms, pigment usage, and art originating from the continent. However, discoveries in Africa have brought up some information that shows a lot more that was not discovered initially.

Researchers, including an anthropologist from Texas A&M University, have unearthed a partial skull of a small boy who is estimated to have perished at least 250,000 years ago in a cavern outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. As a result of this discovery, important new questions concerning the history of humanity have been raised.

A child’s skull found in a distant part of the Rising Star small cave raises further questions about how this many skeletons ended up there in the first place. Among the numerous mysteries surrounding this interesting extinct human cousin, “it is simply another one.”

New road of discoveries

The part of discoveries is being explored so that experts and authorities in Africa are coming up with newer methods to help the youth be enlightened. As part of the continent’s ongoing effort to solve its many growth difficulties, a new internet platform for African discoveries and advancements in science has been inaugurated.

UN Science with Africa’s Science and Entrepreneurship Conference, conducted in Ethiopia between June 23 to June 25, revealed the new program. The project is being led by the ministry’s Science with Africa Initiative.

Africa’s digital observatory promotes the commercialization of African scientific breakthroughs by expanding the continent’s participation in the global intellectual property market, which is a critical aspect of the information age.

Many Black Africans may trace their ancestry back to ancient civilizations that developed a wide range of advanced technology. As time progresses, more research in this field and more people will hear about these excellent accomplishments.

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