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What Can Nelson Mandela Teach You About Lifestyle?

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Nelson Mandela was an exemplary leader, and there are many lessons he can teach you about lifestyle.

Unity And Reconciliation Are The Keys To A Fair Society.

When Nelson Mandela faced racism against black people, he insisted on unity instead of discrimination toward white. He was a strong advocate of racial Reconciliation and never promoted the destruction of the opposite side to achieve justice. The policies framed by Mandela were also based on cooperation. He became successful without taking revenge on others – his strategies teach us many lessons about leading life with cooperation and peace.

Give Up Your Ego And Look At The Bigger Picture.

Despite having a reason to hate and resent his oppressors, Mandela focused on negotiations and working together as a team. Despite being unjustly imprisoned for 27 years, as soon as he was released in 1990, he went on to work with the then president to end apartheid. There was no war waged from his side, nor was a revenge campaign led by him. He gave up on his ego and worked for the benefit of his nation, ignoring their race and color.

Choose To Compromise

Compromise is important, but learning how and when to compromise is even more important. One must not abandon or let go of their principles to cater to others; rather, hold fast to what you believe while bringing the other party to your camp very peacefully. The art of compromise is difficult, but it is important to learn it. Essentially, one should be able to distinguish between the battles to fight and the ones to let go and achieve a greater good. It is not just ideal but rather key to the progress of society.

Do Not Give Up

It may sound a little cliché, but there are more than one good reason to repeat this message. Al the great stories we hear, stories of success that inspire us, and where we take the greatest admiration from having their essential core in place. The story of Mandela is no different. Despite all the ups and downs that come our way, one must be persistent and stand firmly. Those who keep going regardless of all the odds and overwhelming situations are the ones who power through in defeat’s face and will manage to reach greater heights every time. There are the stories we hear and whose fortitude we admire. They are the kind of people who become role models for others.

Do Not Be Stubborn

You should not be stubborn in life about anything – if one thing does not work, try another and another. The short-lived militant path Mandela had he gave it up when he realized that kindness and pacifism were the greatest path after all. There should be no shame in admitting that you are wrong; after all, it is what the sign of maturity, commitment, and intelligence are. Great minds in history have admitted that at one point or the other, they were wrong.

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How Nelson Mandela Used Sports to Bring a Nation Closer