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Why African Kids Will Excel Outside of Sports If They Play Competitive Sports at an Early Age

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Africans enjoy playing competitive sports and are known for their brilliance in many sporting fields. The origin of sports in Africa dates back historically, and the sports industry plays a huge role in developing the African economy. Africa became the host of many sporting events recently, such as the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Not only is sports good for the economy, but playing any type of sport is good for mental health and as well as for physical health. That is why many parents motivate their children to participate in physical activity.

Most children start playing competitive sports at a very early age, and people question whether it benefits them. Here are some reasons why kids who start sports early excel in areas outside of sports as well.

1.  They Will Excel At Work And Home

Starting competitive sports at an early age teaches kids teamwork and problem-solving skills. Most sports involve team building and working together towards a common goal. Working in teams helps children learn to communicate effectively and solve problems within the team.

These skills learnt at such an early age become a huge part of the child’s personality. This team experience will help them solve problems at work or home efficiently and maturely.

2.  They Will Excel Academically

Parents may think involving their children in competitive sports may distract them from their studies, but that is not true. Most types of competitive sports require memorization and learning. These concepts learnt during sports can be applied to studies as well. Such athletic students would not only have a balanced life but also excel in school areas.

Another reason early involvement in sports helps academically is that many colleges take in athletes that are scholarship worthy. Colleges are becoming very difficult to afford for people in Africa, and by starting early in sports, parents hope their children will qualify for these scholarships.

3.  They Will Excel Physically

Research reveals that if children do not participate in physical activities, they are likely to live less healthy lives in the future.

A child’s early involvement in sports is linked to lower levels of obesity and stronger muscles and bones. Children who are active in sports will also have improved cardiovascular endurance.

Problems in physical health will directly impact their involvement in society and work. To prevent this, it is important to take part in some form of sport at an early age.

4.  They Will Excel Mentally

A healthy mind excels in life. Children involved in sporting activities from an early age show lower signs of stress and depression in adulthood. It is supported by a study conducted focusing on the relationship between childhood sports participation and mental health in adulthood.

Thus, participating in competitive sports at an early age helps children and young adults excel in areas of life outside of sports making it very important to motivate their kids to take part in school teams and sports.

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